Aluminum scaffolding is to a great degree versatile. Aluminum scaffolding system has the capacity to lift a large frame section with no overexertion. Height access and safety are the essential elements of any scaffold. Scaffolding is the ideal lightweight, modular platform, and tower system convenient use for indoor and outdoor. Scaffolding systems are most secure and easy means to work at height on a sufficiently large platform. Santkripa Equipment is one of the promising Aluminium Scaffolding Rental service provider in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, and Ahmedabad

Aluminium Scaffolding Rental:

Aluminium scaffolding system is often known as aerial work platforms used to support a work crew and material to help in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures. Scaffolding systems are widely used on site to get access to height. There is a variety of different size of the scaffolding system to suit the height and width of most structures, with stirred platforms ranging from 5 ft to 20 ft long.

Key features of Aluminium scaffolding system:

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient large platform to stand
  • Special straight braces provided in-between H-Frame for extra safety
  • Platform with a trapdoor and guard railings is ideal for working at heights
  • Maximum load per platform is 250-270 kg

Aluminium scaffolding System application:

  • Installation work
  • Maintenance
  • Ceiling Work
  • Construction work
  • Industrial work
  • Shafts and narrow work areas

Types of Aluminium Scaffolding Platform:

  • Single width scaffold tower ladder
  • Double width scaffold tower ladder
  • Aluminium stairway scaffold tower ladder

With your safety as our first concern, Santkripa Equipment has become the market leader in providing Aluminium Scaffolding system on rent In Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Ahmedabad. From the last few years, we have been providing effective and efficient scaffolding system on rent to all industries. We give assured in our aptitude to provide a solution to any height using aluminium scaffolding system.