The invention of cranes has made human life easier because without them loading, unloading and lifting material had to be done by hand that would consume more time and effort. Modern day construction cranes are huge, taking up lots of material to required height. A crane uses the cable system to create a mechanical advantage so that large loads can be lifted and move from one place to another. Santkripa Equipments is a leading company providing optimum quality cranes on rent in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Ahmedabad.

Cranes on Rent:

Cranes are essential for heavy construction work and lifting task of all kind. Equipped with cables, a crane can lift and lower loads well beyond the capabilities of human construction worker. Crane has developed to meet the request of variety of industrial needs like construction, manufacturing or product facilities, transportation etc. Cranes organize straightforward frameworks to accomplish complex lifting tasks– now and again in conditions which would be difficult for a human being. A crane has a lifting capacity from 40 tons to 3500 tons.

Advantages of using Cranes:

  • Big lift capacity: A crane has the capacity to carry material from 30 tons to 4000 tones from one place to another which is impossible for a human being to do so.
  • Rough and challenging terrain: These cranes move on threads rather than wheels that make them move easily through unpaved areas and other challenging landscapes.
  • Stable: These cranes provide stability because of its threads (crawler). The tracks of crawler crane provide supports and increased stability and no outriggers are needed.

Santkripa Equipment is one of the reliable service providers, we are involved in offering best crane rental service in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Ahmedabad. We have experience of many years in providing the best service of crane rental to different project sites of private and public sector. Our cranes are known for superior performance and durability. Apart from this, timely delivery is maintained at all levels to ensure complete customer satisfaction.