Electric Scissor Lifts

When it comes to handling material, using the right equipment can make a lot of difference between efficiency and disaster. Electric scissor lifts are economical and versatile and offer a unique range of functionalities. Electric scissor lifts are a sub-type of aerial work platforms that can be used by a single operator. So when a construction company starts its business, electric scissor lift is a primary requirement. These electric scissor lifts used in small, medium and large construction processes. Santkripa Equipment provides Electric Scissor lifts on rent in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, and Ahmedabad.

Electric Scissor Lifts Rental:

Scissor lifts are typically used in ‘flat-stab” applications. There are numerous tallness and width designs influencing the utilisations making the use of electric scissor lifts suitable in a wide variety of environment. With height reaching 45 feet, electric scissor lifts are ideal for construction and other maintenance projects. Capable of supporting up to two people at once, electric scissor lifts are best suited on smooth, solid surface and come with non-marking tires.

Key Features of Electric Scissor Lifts;

  • Quieter, cleaner operation for a variety of operations
  • Narrow width fits through a most standard doorway and tight aisle
  • Electric drive and integrated components will keep you on the job longer and reduce your operating cost
  • Large deck space allows lifting personnel alongside any instrument and supplies you may require.
  • Ideal for both Indoor and outdoor work

At Santkripa Equipment, we have a wide range of electric scissor lifts ranging from 3 to 20 m that are ideal for those tight, confined spaces and general indoor environments. Santkripa equipment offers best electric scissor lifts on rent in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Ahmedabad. We also pride ourselves on our fully functioning Service & Parts team, who are trained to carry out maintenance and breakdown services to each one of our scissor lifts we have available on site.


Working Height 10 9.92 12 13.90
Platform Height 8 7.92 10 11.90
Maximum Outreach 3.22
Platform Capacity 350 340 318 340
Weight 1730 1982 2717 4190
Stowed Height 2 2.24 2.42 2.79