When you are in construction or contracting, it implied that you need reliable ways to work at different heights and with ease. There are other tried and true fixed access alternatives that everyone is familiar with - Scissor Lifts. Scissor Lifts are the most essential and most commonly used aerial work platform. Santkripa equipment offers well-maintained scissor lifts on rent in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Ahmedabad that are required by different industries to perform various operations at a height such as construction, facility management and more.

Scissor Lifts Rental:

Scissor Lifts is a movable working Platform designed especially for elevating personnel alongside any instruments, hardware, and supplies they may require. Scissor Lifts can handle any work that would normally require a ladder. The supports draw together mechanically, easily pushing the working surface upward in the process.

Scissor lift also referred by one of these names for its technical classifications:

  • Mobile elevated work platform
  • Aerial work platform
  • Elevated work platform

Types of scissor lifts:

Scissor lifts are available in two power options:

  • Electric Scissor Lifts
  • Diesel scissor lifts

Purpose of Scissor Lifts:

  1. Safety: The primary purpose of scissor lift or aerial work platform is to safely move workers from one direction to the other in a variety of industries like construction, manufacturing, Warehousing, transportation and in other facility management services.
  2.  Productivity;  Scissor lifts are moved easily from one place to another without any hassle. Therefore it helps in reducing the effort and fatigue of workers who would operate them. As a result of that, this will save more time and energy to put in other operational task and increase productivity.
  3. Flexibility: There are different type of scissor lifts for different jobs. Such as electric scissor lifts are best used for indoor work and diesel scissor lifts are best used for outdoor work. Also, scissor lifts come in different sizes and height like wide, narrow, lightweight etc.
  4. Compact Storage: Scissor lifts are the most compact type of work platform you will find because it takes a very small storage space in an office, warehouse or other work sites, when not in use. Therefore scissor lifts are ideal for an environment that requires flexibility, speed and height access.

Scissor lifts or aerial work platforms provide a solid foundation and work safety for all types of work that happens at low to medium elevation. The usage of scissor lifts are not restricted to a single process but can be used in different sectors. Santkripa Equipments is a well-recognized source of scissor lift rental in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Ahmedabad with friendly customer service and a wide array of work access platforms. We have an authentic professional approach to rent scissor lifts which makes us a faithful and reliable partner.