Tower Cranes

Height is one of the most vital characteristics of cranes and the impressive height of tower cranes can easily leave people in awe. When it comes to construction industry, Tower cranes are mostly used cranes in the world to lift heavy objects and leave them to different position and heights. Santkripa Equipments is one leading company provides tower cranes on rent in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Ahmedabad for different types of construction work and dimensional consignment.

Tower Cranes Rental:

Tower cranes are commonly used in the construction of tall buildings. Tower cranes are tied down to the ground and give an ideal mix of tallness and lifting ability which is regularly conveyed to erect multi-story city buildings. Tower crane can reach up to 265 feet, out to 230 feet, and lift a total of approximately 20 tons. With long working reach, huge load limit, adaptable tallness and working extent, and so forth using a tower crane can decrease workforce, increment proficiency and shorten construction time.

Advantages of Tower Cranes:

  • Low siting cost
  • Easy to mobilise
  • Delivery of material at height where it exactly needed
  • 24/7 Material handling on site at no additional cost
  • Shortened build program
  • Lower operating costs than alternative material handling equipment
  • Reduces vehicular movements on site

Industrial construction sites can be highly benefited by the use of tower crane. However, considering the expense and efficiency and effectiveness of tower cranes, the best option is hiring them. With growing demand for tower cranes in industry, Santkripa Equipment is a leading company renting tower cranes in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Ahmedabad. We provide the equipment on hire basis/ contract basis. Before the arrangement of the machine, we investigate the site of our client and help them to choose the appropriate machine/crane for the successful completion of their job without wasting their money and time. Our specialists visit the destinations for the inspection of the working environment etc.